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Organic jungle

We tell you exactly what we are or what we want to toast, we are not a restaurant.

organic jungle is a brunch-cafe, where you will find a variety of products for all tastes, we offer many colors in our dishes but most important of all it is a sustainable project.




It's nice to see healthy places that do different things and with the changes that canaries need and for tourism.
Very close, friendly people and very good food.
Something healthy in the city center of a very high level.


Sofia De Miguel, google local guide.

We had an incredibly good breakfast.
The staff is super attentive and the quality of the food is very good. We found the price quite cheap.
We will certainly repeat ♥ ️


I had been looking for a place in Las Palmas for "breakfast" (brunch), and finally we found the perfect place. They serve you too well, and above all the food (and especially the presentations are very original). The food is delicious, we are not tired of coming every weekend to enjoy a good breakfast / lunch in an incredibly relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

PS: I'm still trying everything on the menu, but for now I have liked everything a lot (noting that they have burrata, homemade hummus, delicious toasts and extremely healthy budda bowls)

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